Adding graphs via Mermaid

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To render beautiful graphs, sequence and Gantt diagrams and flowcharts, one can use the Mermaid library.

Required steps:

  • Check out the latest release of Mermaid at

  • Put mermaid.css and mermaid.min.js from the latest release (or master version, if you are feeling brave) into the presentation's directory.

  • In the presentation's html file after a link to remark's own JavaScript (something like <script src="./remark-latest.min.js"></script>) add:

     <script src="./mermaid.min.js"></script>
     <link rel="stylesheet" href="./mermaid.css">
  • In any slide, add the flowchart by putting graph description (on a separate line) like this:

    <div class="mermaid">
    graph LR
  • Enjoy!

Current limitations:

  • Multiple graphs/sequence diagrams per slideshow do not interact with each other gracefully (bug report not yet posted to Mermaid) - possibly because of id autonaming and resulting conflicts in rendering.


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