Realtek 802.11n WLAN Adapter Linux driver
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Realtek 802.11ac (rtl8812au)

This is a fork of the Realtek 802.11ac (rtl8812au) v4.2.2 (7502.20130507) driver altered to build on Linux kernel version >= 3.10.


My D-Link DWA-171 wireless dual-band USB adapter needs the Realtek 8812au driver to work under Linux.

The current rtl8812au version (per nov. 20th 2013) doesn't compile on Linux kernels >= 3.10 due to a change in the proc entry API, specifically the deprecation of the create_proc_entry() and create_proc_read_entry() functions in favor of the new proc_create() function.


The Makefile is preconfigured to handle most x86/PC versions. If you are compiling for something other than an intel x86 architecture, you need to first select the platform, e.g. for the Raspberry Pi, you need to set the I386 to n and the ARM_RPI to y:


There are many other platforms supported and some other advanced options, e.g. PCI instead of USB, but most won't be needed.

The driver is built by running make, and can be tested by loading the built module using insmod:

$ make
$ sudo insmod 8812au.ko

After loading the module, a wireless network interface named Realtek 802.11n WLAN Adapter should be available.


Installing the driver is simply a matter of copying the built module into the correct location and updating module dependencies using depmod:

$ sudo cp 8812au.ko /lib/modules/$(uname -r)/kernel/drivers/net/wireless
$ sudo depmod

The driver module should now be loaded automatically.


Automatically rebuilds and installs on kernel updates. DKMS is in official sources of Ubuntu, for installation do:

$ sudo apt-get install build-essential dkms 

The driver source mus be copied to /usr/src/8812au-4.2.2

Then add it to DKMS:

$ sudo dkms add -m 8812au -v 4.2.2
$ sudo dkms build -m 8812au -v 4.2.2
$ sudo dkms install -m 8812au -v 4.2.2

Check with:

$ sudo dkms status

Eventually remove from DKMS with:

$ sudo dkms remove -m 8812au -v 4.2.2 --all