iTerm2 is a terminal emulator for Mac OS X that does amazing things.
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ColorPicker Update color picker framework to latest code Jul 29, 2018
Interfaces Rename "Metal" to "GPU" in UI. A cherry-pick of 710216e Aug 19, 2018
Media.xcassets Make icon shadow a little darker. Issue 6783. Jul 3, 2018
Model.xcdatamodeld/Model.xcdatamodel Add an index to lastUse on recent directories. If there are more than… Oct 31, 2017
OtherResources Add public key for validating python runtimes Apr 29, 2018
ThirdParty Polish minimal theme. Continue selected color into adjacent inset. Aug 20, 2018
api [Python] Add window mode and updated theme to python. Fix JSON encodi… Aug 19, 2018
ci Update goldens for travis. We now draw the background on the top and … Apr 3, 2018
iTerm2.xcodeproj Get rid of object pools. There were some crashes involving them. They… Aug 19, 2018
iTerm2XCTests Add support for CSI CHT (repeated tabs) Aug 9, 2018
image_decoder Fix a lot of analyzer issues, including quite a few memory leaks. Jul 7, 2018
images [status bar] Add a git status bar that shows branch, number of commit… Jul 25, 2018
plists Allow importing and exporting DVR recording Aug 9, 2018
proto [api, python] Enable creating tmux integration windows and tabs Aug 2, 2018
sources Fix how background images are drawn in Mojave to not clip their sides. Aug 19, 2018
tests Ensure title is never nil Aug 19, 2018
tools Rename "Metal" to "GPU" in UI. A cherry-pick of 710216e Aug 19, 2018
.gitignore gitignore api/library/python/iterm2/docs/_build/ May 1, 2018
.ruby-version Update Gemfile.lock, update to xcode8.3, lint Apr 8, 2017
.slather.yml Add slather script Feb 2, 2016
.travis.yml Bump travis to xcode 10 Aug 19, 2018
LICENSE Place license in LICENSE file for a more standard location. Leae READ… Oct 18, 2015
Makefile Make clean by deleting builds folder since XCode 10 is too dumb to ma… Aug 11, 2018
README.license README.license Jul 15, 2014 Add build status badge Feb 2, 2016
dsa_pub.pem Fix warnings Aug 7, 2010
iTerm2.sdef Add applescript to get and set color presets. Issue 4868 Jan 2, 2017
version.txt UPdate version.txt Jan 24, 2018