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  • Add #39: Export to C shared library.
  • Add better Handling of the version.
  • Fix #42: No null pointers in verifier results.
  • Fix #41: More words in black list.


  • Add #37: add to git protob and version files.
  • Add #36: Refactor GNfinder options.
  • Add #35: Add version info to gRPC server.
  • Add #34: Better language detection.
  • Add #33: Make it possible to force Bayes not only "on" but also "off".
  • Add #32: Add benchmarks to gnfinder_test.go.


  • Add #31: Speedup name-finding for large numbers of small texts. Solving only partialy by preloading Bayes training data. We are going to do other optimizations later.


  • Fix #30: Tokenizer breaks if a text ends on a dash followed by space.


  • Add #29: Enhance verification results. Now preferred data sources have the same fields as the best result. Classification has IDs and ranks.


  • Add: Update dictionaries setting latin common names to grey dictionary.


  • Add: Dictionaries update.


  • Add #28: Generic names from ICN (botanical) code might have authors in parentheses that look the same as subgenus part of ICZN names. As a result parsing such names creates fake uninomials. We removed such fake uninomials from uninomial white dictionary.


  • Add #27: Refactor code to make it more maintainable
  • Add #26: Command line app tests
  • Fix #25: Make CLI app work again (cobra-based cli does not allow root command with input without flags so gndinfer text.txt was broken).


  • Fix #24: Canonical form for matched names


  • Fix #23: ExactMatch results have editDistance > 0 somtimes


  • Add more tests for gnindex.


  • Add #21: support updated gnindex API


  • Add #22: Go module support for more stable builds
  • Add #19: bring gRPC output close to cli output. Breaks backward compatibility of gRPC.
  • Add #20: update API interaction with gnindex.
  • Add #17: return offsets for the start and the end of name-strings.
  • Fix #18: gRPC works with diacritics in text input.


  • Add #16: docker support. Command make docker creates docker image.
  • Add #15: enable gRPC to set data-source IDs for verification.
  • Add #14: setting for name verification data-sources as well as command line flag. Currently tests for gRPC are located in Ruby gem gndinder project.
  • Add #12: gRPC-based HTTP API to access gnfinder from other languages.
  • Add StemEditDistance for fuzzy matching by stem.


  • Add #11: Quality Summary and Preferred data sources in verification.
  • Add #9: Additional information how to install in
  • Add #8: Retry verification if any error happens in the process.
  • Add #7: Add EditDistance field to verification output.
  • Add #6: Add 'NoMatch' value to verification 'MatchType'.
  • Fix #5: Hide verification "data" if it is empty.
  • Remove #6: Remove Verified field, as it repeats 'NoMatch' information.


  • Add #4: Name resolution attempts several times in case of timeout

  • Fix #3: Name verification breaks on large documents with thousands of words


  • Add: Tokenizer for breaking a text into tokens.
  • Add: Heuristic rules for scientific name finding.
  • Add: Bayes rules for scientific name finding.
  • Add: White, Black, and Grey dictionaries, common european words dictionary.
  • Add: Bayes training script to create reference data for Bayes algorithms.
  • Add: Command line application gnfinder is created using cobra framework.
  • Add: Name-verification via gnindex.
  • Add: Makefile to simplify compilation of the command line tool.


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