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MoveOn Petitions (MOP) Front-end

This is the browser-based, JavaScript implementation of the MoveOn Petitions platform. This uses React, Babel, and Webpack.


  • Install NPM. Recommended versions: NPM v3.10.10, Node v6.9.3 LTS.
  • $ npm install

Compile JavaScript

  • $ npm run build

Lint JavaScript

  • $ npm run lint

Test JavaScript

  • $ npm test

Local development environment

If you are just developing the client, then you should not have to set any variables.

Just run:

  npm run dev  

and hot-reloading will work, then go to http://localhost:8080/#/sign/outkast

Developing with a Server Backend

When running locally, you should set the following environment variables:

export API_URI=""
export BASE_APP_PATH="/Users/yourusername/Sites/mop-frontend/local/"
export STATIC_ROOT="../../build/"

API_URI can either point at a hosted version of the API (as in the example), or a local instance of mop (something like

BASE_APP_PATH is everything that comes after file:// in your browser's local file URL, up to and including /local/.

STATIC_ROOT is the path from the HTML file you're testing to the compiled JavaScript. e.g. for /local/thanks.html, the relative path is ../js/, but for /local/sign/economic-disparity-campaign, the relative path is one more step away, ../../js/