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RepoMap helps track your local git repositories
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No Longer Maintained

Keep track of your local git repos.

Add and remove any git repository to RepoMap, and it will keep track of them in a simple YAML file. You can also pretty print your git repositories.


  • repo ls
  • repo add [optional: -r for recursive] [git repo path]
  • repo rm [git repo path]
  • repo find [optional: path/to/search] [regex pattern, like ".*"]

Want all git repos in some directory to be listed in one place?

  • repo add -r [directory holding repositories]
  • repo ls

Want to search with regular expressions for a repo within RepoMap?

  • repo find "test[0-9]{1}"
  • repo find ~/devel/Ruby "test[0-9]{1}"


Things are pretty new, but since this project doesn't really do much beyond affect the state of one file that it itself creates, it's actually OK to use already. Check out the specs in spec and the source in lib if you wanna see what's happening.

Install from RubyGems

  • gem install repomap

On first use, ~/.repomap.yml will be created.

Build from Gemspec

  • gem build repomap.gemspec
  • gem install repomap-x.x.x.gem

On first use, ~/.repomap.yml will be created.


  • repo [global opts] [subcommand] [subcommand opts]

  • repo -h for help

  • repo [subcommand] -h for help about subcommands

Sub Commands

  • add [optional: -r] [path to git repository]
    • Add the given git repository to RepoMap
    • Use -r switch to add all git repository under some path
  • rm [path to git repository]
    • Add the given git repository to RepoMap
  • ls
    • List all git repositories in RepoMap
  • find [optional: path/to/search] [regex pattern, like ".*"]
    • Find a repo in RepoMap


  • Run rake to run all specs.


  • search a given path recusively for all git repos, adding any that are found to RepoMan
  • make a gemspec
  • add some simple specs
  • change name because of conflicts with other gem names
  • add a find command
  • an 'update' command to update information about each repo that RepoMan knows about
  • keep track of other meta data about git repos (remotes, for instance)
    • then you could list your github repos and their paths
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