This is a template for sinatra projects with support for rspec2, bundler, rake, webrat and multiple apps
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Repository Moved. No longer maintained.

Check out Rocketship.


  • cleaned up lib/. Now, each modular app has its own folder, so you can spin out separate files to hold your views, models, etc, as your app grows.

  • added an example grape app


I needed a template where all the cool "new" stuff is used, like RSpec2, Bundler and additonal support for multiple applications as well as Ruby 1.9.2 compatibility.

Coverage report generation and a development console are both great to have, so I wanted to integrate SimpleCov, IRB, and Pry.

So, here it is.


  • clone this repository

  • run bundle install (add other gems you may need to the Gemfile beforehand)

  • start building your project

  • modify your app routes in

  • rackup to run your app


  • run rake or rake help to see available tasks

  • run rake console for IRB console and rake pry for Pry console

  • run rake spec for testing

  • run rake coverage to generate coverage reports


I looked at so many different examples from other people to hack this together. Thanks to everyone out there, especially the Padrino team, whose sources were very helpful when I built this.