A Sublime Text Plugin which allows using Laravel 4 Generators by Jeffrey Way via the command palette.
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A Sublime Text plugin that allows you to make use of the Laravel 4 Generators by Jeffrey Way directly within Sublime Text.


  • Install the Laravel 4 generator commands through Composer.
  • Install the ST plugin through Package Control: Sublime Laravel Generator
  • If you are on Windows or php executable is not in PATH, please specify the path to it in laravelgenerator.sublime-settings. To do so, copy laravelgenerator.sublime-settings from this plugin to <Packages_Directory>/Users/ and make the edits to that file.


  • Open a Laravel Project
  • Open the command palette (Ctrl+Shift+P)
  • Execute any of the available Generate commands
  • See here for a basic workflow video

Note: artisan needs to be in the project root.


The plugin is quite extensible. Interested users can extend the plugin for more artisan commands by adding the appropriate entries in Default.sublime-commands.


  • Jeffrey Way: for the idea and testing this plugin throughout the development.

This is a work in progress. Feedback is appreciated. Feel free to report any issues you come across