Visible Light Communication using PURPLE board
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What is this repository for

This repository contains hardware and software for building practical Visible Light Communication system. The PURPLE board is a cape that works with BeagleBone Black embedded computer. With PURPLE, one can send and receive information using visible light.


The hardware design is available in the eagle folder.

What's included

  • Firmware running on PRU including both transmitter and receiver
  • User-space program to run on embedded Linux environment
  • Hardware schematic
  • Partlist to assemble your own cape Digi-Key
  • PCB ordering OSH Park


  • config/

This directory contains all configuration files used before make.

  • docs/

This directory contains all documents and notes used as instructions and tutorials deployed in class.

  • example/

This directory contains the userspace program to send and receive msgs through light.

  • firmware/

This directory contains the binary files that's going to run on PRU

  • pcb/

This directory contains the hardware schematic and the PCB layout as well as the partlists.

  • src/

This directory contains the source file that needs to be compiled into the binary file under firmware folder.

  • test/

This directory contains the test and debugging file in user space for the PRU source code.

How do I get set up?

  • Configuration
  • Dependencies
  • Deployment instructions
    1. LED installation.
    2. Photodiode installation.

How to get started

Step 1: Insert SD card to BBB board. Make sure SD card has been flashed with the purple image.

Step 2: Boot Up the BBB board and connect the board to your PC/Laptop. Make sure you have successfully installed the drivers for BBB.

Step 3: SSH to the board. ssh debian@

ssh debian@

Step 4: When you login, Change to root.

sudo -s

Step 5: Go to purple repository.

cd purple

Step 6: Reload the pru remoteproc kernel module.

rmmod pru_rproc

modprobe pru_rproc

Step 7: Compile the code.

make clean

Step 8: Make sure the code got compiled succesfully.

Step 9: Start listening on incoming messages on one purple board.

cd example

Step 10: Start sending the messages on other purple board.

cd example
./send "hello world"

Step 11: Make sure the message got received correctly.

Step 12: Congratulations. You've completed this short tutorial.

Who do I talk to?


Exploring Beaglebone




arduino VLC

PRU mailing list