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Constraint Satisfaction Problem Solver for Golang
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localconsistency.go documentation updates Aug 27, 2018

Centipede - Constraint Satisfaction Problem Solver for Go

Centipede is a Constraint Satisfaction Problem solver written in Golang. Learn more about CSPs.

There is also a very informative slide deck about CSPs available from Stanford University here.


  • Problems are defined using sets of Variable, Constraint, and Domain. Some convenient generators have been provided for Constraint and Domain.
  • Variable values can be set to values of any data type in Go (using the interface{} feature). However, mixing datatypes in variables that are compared to each other is not recommended. The safest approach is to set all Variable domains to slices of the same type.
  • The search algorithm used in this library is an implementation of backtracking search.
  • The solution of many complex problems can be simplified by enforcing arc consistency. This library provides an implementation of the popular AC-3 algorithm as solver.State.MakeArcConsistent(). Call this method before calling solver.Solve() to achieve best results.
    • See the Sudoku solver for an example of how to use arc consistency.

Project Status

Currently, this project is very much a work in progress. Here are some of its limitations:

  • Numeric comparison constraint (less than, greater than, etc.) generators are not yet supported, but are on the way. Variables currently use the Go interface{} type for their actual values, so equality and inequality are supported out of the box.
  • I have plans to implement the minimum remaining values (MRV) heuristic, the least constraining value (LCV) heuristic, and the degree heuristic.
  • Unit tests need to be written. It would also be nice to have some better documentation.


For example usage of this library, see the examples/ directory.


Godocs are available here.


go get

So far, this project has only been tested on macOS and Linux.


Feel free to make a pull request if you spot anything out of order or want to improve the project.

Go is not my primary programming language, but I have been wanting to learn it for a while now. Feel free to fix anything that isn't idiomatic Go. I come from a Java/Python background.

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