Search for an artist or band and you’ll read & hear the gist of it.
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Music Gist

Search for an artist or band and you’ll get the gist of it. You’ll get genre tags, a short bio and music autoplay, all in a single search. A few seconds and you’ll know how interested you might be on the artist or band.


Tired of opening, Wikipedia, SoundCloud, Bandcamp, YouTube, and a few others services when someone tells me about a new artist or band, I thought about doing a simple web app that allowed me to get to know a band in a few seconds. A small bio, genre tags and autoplay seemed to be the mandatory first features, from my personal experience.

Built with Node.js, Express.js, Jade and Stylus. Supports OpenSearch. Uses MusicBrainz and APIs. Heavily relies on flexbox.

Available audio sources and its priorities

  1. SoundCloud (with autoplay)
  2. YouTube

Thanks yous