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Personal Goals

Personal goals made open source for accessibility across computers I use, transparency, accountability, and versioning. Learn more about the original project by Una Kravets here. Her talk at 2015’s BeyondConf brought this project to my attention.

Goals for 2017: Focus more on less

  1. 🇯🇵 Learn Japanese
  2. 📷 Focus more into photography
  3. 🏃 Running (at least) one marathon
  4. 📖 Read The Ultimate Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
  5. 🙅 No more crisps
  6. 💭 Solidify knowledge and write about it

For the whole of 2017

This Years's Focus: Use Trello instead to plan things

Things I'll Do in the Future:

  • Submit an article to A List Apart
  • Create insightful/fun talks
  • Release a project related with photography
  • Running a marathon (maybe the marathon, the original)
  • Learn the NATO phonetic alphabet

Backlog: Side Projects & Other Ideas

The Process

Every Sunday I try to plan the upcoming week (starts at Monday). Each week will have its own file on /accomplishments, where I’ll add its focus, upcoming tasks, and how well I did on them.


Personal goals made public :)



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