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Gencove Python API and CLI

Quick install

pip install gencove


Main documentation can be found here:

Local Development

Have some form of virtualization, for instance pyenv for 3.7.x and a virtualenv.

Install in editing mode:

pip install -e .

Install local requirements:

pip install -r requirements.txt

Install pre-commit hooks:

pre-commit install

Use with local api service (need to have back_api2 running)

gencove <command> --host http://localhost:8200

or use with development version of deployed API service

gencove <command> --host

Before pushing run:

pre-commit run

and then:


This will run tests, black formatter and linters.

To run only a specific job from tox (i.e. only the tests for python 3.7 using API key):

tox -e py37-api_key

Tests Configuration:

If you need to interact with the API (for instance to record new VCR cassettes) you need to set up environment variables, this way, the tests will have the credentials to have access. In order to do that, just run cp gencove/tests/.env.dist gencove/tests/.env and change the desired values from the .env file.

For more details, read internal CLI testing document.

To create docs:

cd docs && make html

Release process

  1. Check for the current version by running print
  2. Make a new branch titled version/X-Y-Z
  3. Run in that branch with an argument major, minor or patch
  4. Create a merge request to master
  5. Once it is merged, create a merge request of master to prod