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A laser cut case for the Fernvale open source development platform for the Mediatek MT6260
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Fernvale Open Case Kit

A Fernvale board fitted in a FDPC-01 case

The FDPC-01 kit is a simple but elegant case based on the "sick of beige" design and is intended to help keep things neat and protected whilst using the Fernvale board. It can be bought from Ground Electronics.

Repository contents

The case design is provided in the following formats:

  • Inkscape SVG (source)
  • PDF
  • DXF

The top and bottom panels are laser cut from 3mm glass look acrylic. The middle two layers are cut from 5mm grey acrylic.

Bill of materials

In addition to the acrylic parts the FDPC-01 kit contains:

Qty Item
4 M3 x 8mm steel machine screw
4 M3 x 20mm steel machine screw
4 M3 x 10mm steel hex spacer, M-F
8 M3 steel hex nut
8 M3 20mm nylon hex spacer, F-F
5 M2.5 x 12mm steel machine screw
5 M2.5 steel hex nut
1 0.254" pitch pin header x 51

Nylon round spacers included with the Fernvale kit are also used:

Qty Item
3 M3 x 4mm round nylon spacer
2 M3 x 3mm round nylon spacer


Parts laid out

1 Remove the protective plastic from the acrylic panels.

Boards with header pins added

2 Snap header pins into suitable lengths, using the Fernvale boards for reference. Take care to solder pins in same orientation as in photo.

Adding M2.5 machine screws

3 Take 5 x M2.5 x 12mm machine screws and insert them into the acrylic base part.


4 Connect the optional JTAG FPCB to the main Fernvale board, if you wish to use it.

Adding main board

5 Add the main Fernvale board, taking care that all of the M2.5 machine screws go through the mounting holes correctly.

Adding supplied short spacers

6 Add the M2.5 x 3mm round spacers, supplied with the Fernvale kit, to the main board, on the two machine screws closest to the JTAG breakout FPCB. Take extra care that you select the correct, shorter spacers here.

Adding GSM board

7 Add the GSM module board, ensuring the connector is lined up before applying suitable pressure to click it into place.

Adding taller supplied spacers

8 Add the M2.5 x 4mm round spacers to the remaining three machine screws.

Adding Base board

9 Thread / maneuvre the FPCB JTAG breakout through the bottom acrylic layer. Add the Fernvale Blade board, again taking care to align the high density connector before clicking into place. This step can be fiddly and some machine screws may come free!

10 Add the M2.5 hex nuts to the machine screws and tighten, securing the boards in place.

Adding steel hex spacers

11 Add the four M3 x 10mm steel hex standoffs to the base acrylic part.

Adding nylon hex spacers

12 Add four of the M3 x 20mm nylon hex standoffs to secure the steel standoffs in place.

Adding first grey acrylic

13 Add the first grey acrylic part, ensuring correct orientation.

Adding screen

14 Connect the screen and lay it down on the grey acrylic part. Remove the protective screen film if you wish.

Adding second grey acrylic

15 Add the second grey acrylic part, taking care when 'farming' it around the screen.

Adding top cover acrylic

16 Add the final acrylic top layer.

Adding M3 x 20mm machine screws

17 Add the four M3 x 20mm machine screws through the acrylic layers, from the top.

18 Add the remaining M3 x 20mm nylon hex spacers to the machine screws.

Adding M3 x 20mm machine screws

19 Add the four M3 x 8mm steel machine screws through the acrylic top, tightening them into the M3 x 10mm steel hex standoffs.


Version Date Summary
1.0 04/08/16 Initial version.


Fernvale Development Platform Case Kit copyright 2016, AB Open Ltd.

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

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