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title: Michael Ebens
github_user: BlackBulletIV
game_dir: games
version: 1.0.2
docs: wiki
description: A small Lua library which greatly enhances strings.
title: AMFPHP Toolbox
version: 2.1.1
description: An ActionScript library to help you get more done with AMFPHP.
description: "This is my version of the Lua TextMate bundle. I've taken it and added support for the libraries I use a lot in Lua. These are MiddleClass, Telescope, and the Love2D engine."
version: 1.0.1
description: A class that makes using SOS max more straight forward.
title: Unix Utils
description: Project for the utility commands for the terminal I have/might/will make.
title: Vault
version: "1.0"
description: "A small data storage library for Love2D, which allows you to save and retrieve data in native Lua data types."
title: MiddleClass Extensions
version: "1.0"
description: My extensions to MiddleClass.
title: ClosureClass
description: "A Lua object-orientation library based on MiddleClass, except using the closure approach. Not fit for production!"
title: "AS3 Benchmarking"
version: "0.1"
description: A few experimental classes for benchmarking in AS3.
title: A Day in Life
date: "July 10, 2011"
length: "1:23"
video: ARDWCzmNoy0
file: A Day in Life.mp3
description: "A quick and simple tune I put together in about an hour and a half; pretty repetive base tune, sounds pretty fit for a time lapse (hence the title). Instruments are organ, strings, and a custom-tuned electronic bell."
title: Run
date: "June 8, 2011"
length: "1:49"
video: xdgI1tJca1A
file: Run.mp3
description: "Fast paced, giving the sense of running. Piano, strings, a synth instrument, and a bass guitar are the instruments."
title: The Mountain
date: "May 28, 2011"
length: "2:16"
video: PrGvRJLOYHU
file: The Mountain.mp3
description: "Slow and reflective, this song gives a feel of a long climb while reflecting on what has been done. Strings, piano, and flute, are the instruments."
title: Looking Back
date: "April 17, 2011"
length: "1:20"
video: Fvhsfsgc_Ck
file: Looking Back.mp3
description: "Slow(ish) and reflective, possibly picturing looking back over the path travelled. Strings and flute are the instruments. Also, this song was made to be looped."