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<h2 class="h1-5">Hello there!</h2>
<p class="large-para">I'm Michael, a web developer/designer, programmer, and technology enthusiast in general. I create websites, programs, and other things in the realms of technology. Want to learn more? Check out the <a href="/about">about page</a>.</p>
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<p>On <a href="">Twitter</a> I post updates on various things, such as the status of projects, new blog posts, or random thoughts I might have.
<p>I've got a <a href="/blog">blog</a> here too, on which I post tutorials, updates on projects (longer than 140 characters), and other various topics.</p>
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On <a href="">GitHub</a> you can find the source code for many of the open source things I'm working on (most of it being code for developers). On the <a href="/projects">projects page</a> you'll find pages for some of them (at least the ones that are worth showing). Check it out and see what you can find.
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Apart from web development and general programming, I like to make <a href="/games">games</a> and <a href="/music">music</a>. I've recently released my first complete game, <a href="/games/facilitated-escape">Facilitated Escape</a>, which I made in a two week period. As for music, I don't compose something very often, due to being busy with other things, but usually every month or two I'll come out with something.
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<h2 class="h1-5">Latest Posts</h2>
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