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Mattermost API reference documentation.
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Mattermost API Documentation

This respository holds the API reference available at

The Mattermost API reference uses the OpenAPI standard and the ReDoc document generator.

All documentation is available under the terms of a Creative Commons License.


We're accepting pull requests! See something that could be documented better or is missing documentation? Make a PR and we'll gladly accept it.

All the documentation is written in YAML and found in the v4/source directories. APIv4 documentation is in the v4 directory.

There is no strict style guide but please try to follow the example of the existing documentation.

To build the full YAML, run make build and it will be output to html/static/mattermost-openapi.yaml. This will also check syntax using swagger-cli.

To test locally, run make build, make run and navigate to For any updates to the source files, re-run the same commands.


Deployment is handled automatically by our Jenkins CLI machine. When a pull request is merged it will automatically be deployed to

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