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Fabric Carpet

Cause all carpets are made of fabric?
This is the Fabric version of Carpet Mod, for Minecraft 1.14.X, 1.15.X, 1.16.X and above.

Carpet Mod is a mod for vanilla Minecraft that allows you to take full control of what matters from a technical perspective of the game.

Carpet mod ecosystem

For core carpet functionality, this is the right place. Check available downloads on the release page


Check carpet-extra add-on mod for more whacky and crazy features, including autocrafting, block-placing dispensers, and even chicken-shearing!

auto crafting table

Due to compatibility issues with vanilla and other mods, download auto crafting table by Skyrising as a separate add-on to carpet

scarpet app store

If you want to browse or contribute to the scarpet app store check available apps, go here, its free!


Have problems with the recent snapshot or someone is slacking with releasing the base carpet mod, but you need some basic carpet functionality, check the minimal build of quick-carpet. It hopefully works just fine. You will not be able to add any extensions or use scarpet apps on this one though.

Other community-based extensions to carpet

Here is a list of other carpet extensions created by the community.

Everybody can create your own carpet features or extend scarpet language with some new API, by creating a carpet extension using this carpet extension mod template.

How? Hwat?

Follow instructions for all other fabric mods in and dump carpet...jar in mods folder along with other compatible mods.

See the mod showcase on youtube for an explanation of every setting and command, and check the List of all currently available settings on the wiki for an updated list of every setting.

Carpet Mod Settings

See List of all currently available settings on the wiki

For previous Minecraft versions: 1.13 check gnembon/carpetmod and for 1.12 check gnembon/carpetmod112.