Learn the basics of LESS
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LESS is more

Teach yourself the basics of LESS through simple coding exercises. Based on the node workshopper adventure format popularized by NodeSchool.

This adventure is inspired by the LESS language features documentation

Get help

Having issues with less-is-more? Get help troubleshooting in the nodeschool discussions repo.

Install Node.js

Make sure Node.js is installed on your computer.

Install it from nodejs.org/download

Install less-is-more with npm

Open your terminal and run this command:

npm install -g less-is-more

The -g or --global option installs this module globally so that you can run it as a command in your terminal.

Having issues with installation?

If you get an EACCESS error, the simplest way to fix this is to rerun the command, prefixed with sudo:

sudo npm install -g less-is-more

You can also fix the permissions so that you don't have to use sudo. Have a look at the npm documentation.

Run the workshop

Open your terminal and run the following command:


You'll see the menu:

less-is-more screenshot

  1. Navigate the menu with the up & down arrow keys.
  2. Choose a challenge by hitting enter.


Thanks to Claudio Procida for the learn-sass adventure and Lin Clark for the demo-workshopper repo.