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feat(score_fn): use numpy for score fn
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hanhxiao committed Sep 5, 2019
1 parent a12f8ef commit 00e6280d4b44689f6f7706c925612abe87fe9cd6
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  1. +19 −20 gnes/score_fn/
@@ -14,11 +14,10 @@
# limitations under the License.

import json
from functools import reduce
from math import log, log1p, log10, sqrt
from operator import mul, add
from typing import Sequence

import numpy as np

from ..base import TrainableBase
from ..proto import gnes_pb2

@@ -66,19 +65,19 @@ def __init__(self, score_mode: str = 'multiply', *args, **kwargs):
def supported_ops(self):
return {
'multiply': lambda v: reduce(mul, v),
'sum': lambda v: reduce(add, v),
'max': lambda v: reduce(max, v),
'min': lambda v: reduce(min, v),
'avg': lambda v: reduce(add, v) / len(v),
'sum': np.sum,
'max': np.max,
'min': np.min,
'avg': np.mean,

def post_init(self):
self.op = self.supported_ops[self.score_mode]

def __call__(self, *last_scores) -> 'gnes_pb2.Response.QueryResponse.ScoredResult.Score':
return self.new_score(
value=self.op(s.value for s in last_scores),
value=self.op([s.value for s in last_scores]),

@@ -102,17 +101,17 @@ def __init__(self, modifier: str = 'none', factor: float = 1.0, factor_name: str
def supported_ops(self):
return {
'none': lambda x: x,
'log': log10,
'log1p': lambda x: log(x + 1, 10),
'log2p': lambda x: log(x + 2, 10),
'ln': log,
'ln1p': log1p,
'ln2p': lambda x: log(x + 2),
'square': lambda x: x * x,
'sqrt': sqrt,
'reciprocal': lambda x: 1 / x,
'reciprocal1p': lambda x: 1 / (1 + x),
'abs': abs,
'log': np.log10,
'log1p': lambda x: np.log10(x + 1),
'log2p': lambda x: np.log10(x + 2),
'ln': np.log,
'ln1p': np.log1p,
'ln2p': lambda x: np.log(x + 2),
'square': np.square,
'sqrt': np.sqrt,
'reciprocal': np.reciprocal,
'reciprocal1p': lambda x: np.reciprocal(1 + x),
'abs': np.abs,
'invert': lambda x: - x,
'invert1p': lambda x: 1 - x

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