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feat(client): abstract query_callback
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hanhxiao committed Sep 11, 2019
1 parent 31c796d commit 621c06b326f4ca5ff2df2ec6cef0176aa5dc8ab2
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@@ -50,18 +50,17 @@ def query(self, all_bytes: List[bytes]):
for idx, q in enumerate(all_bytes):
for req in RequestGenerator.query(q, request_id_start=idx, top_k=self.args.top_k):
resp = self._stub.Call(req)
self.query_callback(resp, req)
self.query_callback(req, resp)

def query_callback(resp: 'gnes_pb2.Response', query: 'gnes_pb2.Request'):
def query_callback(self, req: 'gnes_pb2.Request', resp: 'gnes_pb2.Response'):
callback after get the query result
override this method to customize query behavior
:param resp: response
:param query: query
:param req: query

def read_all(self) -> List[bytes]:

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