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fix(style): double quote to single quote

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hanxiao committed Oct 14, 2019
1 parent 2045a54 commit 8911314b6ac90dba88ec9efe805182fb575e1e03
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@@ -129,16 +129,14 @@ def get_response(num_recv, blocked=False):
with self.zmq_context as zmq_client:

for request in request_iterator:"get request: %d" % request.request_id)'send request: %s' % request.request_id)
num_recv = max(self.pending_request - self.args.max_pending_request, 1)
yield from get_response(num_recv, num_recv > 1)

#"start to send request: %d (%d) ..." % (request.request_id, self.pending_request))
zmq_client.send_message(self.add_envelope(request, zmq_client), **self.send_recv_kwargs)
#"request has been send out!")
self.pending_request += 1"all requests are appended, waiting for responses ...")'all requests are sent, waiting for the responses...')
yield from get_response(self.pending_request, blocked=True)

class ZmqContext:

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