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language: python
sudo: false
dist: trusty
firefox: latest
cache: yarn
- wget
- mkdir geckodriver
- tar -xzf geckodriver-v0.11.1-linux64.tar.gz -C geckodriver
- export PATH=$PATH:$PWD/geckodriver
- export DISPLAY=:99.0
- sh -e /etc/init.d/xvfb start || true
- wget -O;
- bash -b -p $HOME/miniconda
- export PATH="$HOME/miniconda/bin:$PATH"
- hash -r
- conda config --set always_yes yes --set changeps1 no
- conda update -q conda
- conda info -a
- conda install nodejs notebook
- pip install selenium
- pip install --pre jupyterlab
- yarn
- yarn run build
- jupyter labextension link packages/fasta-extension --no-build
- jupyter labextension link packages/geojson-extension --no-build
- jupyter labextension link packages/katex-extension --no-build
- jupyter labextension link packages/plotly-extension --no-build
- jupyter labextension link packages/vega2-extension --no-build
- jupyter labextension link packages/vega3-extension --no-build
- NODE_OPTIONS=--max-old-space-size=16000 jupyter lab build
- python -m jupyterlab.browser_check
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