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Why use VDOM?

  • Write Declarative Pythonic layouts.
  • Render the layout in Jupyter frontends.
  • Serialize layout for rehydration in your web app.

⚠️ This library is a work in progress. ⚠️

Check out the power of VDOM!

Start with Python code and run it:

from IPython.display import display
from vdom.helpers import h1, p, img, div, b

        h1('Our Incredibly Declarative Example'),
        p('Can you believe we wrote this ', b('in Python'), '?'),
        p('What will ', b('you'), ' create next?'),

Voila! Your layout is served below:

Now Incredibly Declarative

Can you believe we wrote this in Python?

What will you create next?

Install the Python package

pip install vdom

Developer install from source code

git clone
cd vdom
pip install -e .

We welcome feedback.

Since this project and its API is still a work in progress, we would love to hear your thoughts on the API and suggestions for enhancements. Please take a look at the VDOM spec too.

Find out more about nteract

Take a look at the nteract website to see other projects that we are working on.

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