PHP utilities for input validation, command line scripting, password hashing, and directory crawling
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A collection of standalone utilities for PHP developemnt. These classes are namespaced and accordingly require PHP 5.3+. Each utility is a single file that can easily be included into any project - use one, or use them all. Utilities include:

  • Console - utilities for command line scripitng with PHP
  • InputValidator - input validation library using a fluent interface
  • ObservableTrait - a PHP 5.4+ trait for firing events and notifying listeners
  • PasswordHelper - bcrypt password creation, comparison, and password strength validation
  • RecursiveFileExtensionFilteredIterator - find all of the files with a specific extension in a file tree
  • WeightedRandomSelector - get psuedo random values based on weights associated to a list of items

See below for more in depth descriptions and code samples

Helper for writing command-line scripts, accepting arguments, printing status to the terminal, generating a --help command, and minimal support for calling the same scripts from a web browser.

use gUtils\Console;

$console = new Console(array(
		'name' => 'path',
		'type' => Console::REQUIRED_VALUE,
		'help' => 'path to the file',
		'validator' => function($val) {
			return (is_dir($val) && is_readable($val));
		'validationMsg' => 'Path must be a readable directory'
	), array(
		'name' => 'type',
		'default' => 'full',
		'type' => Console::REQUIRED_VALUE,
		'help' => 'The type of run, either full or update',
		'possibleValues' => array('full','update')

), "Lists all of the files in a directory");
$console->log("Starting listing for " . $console->getArg('path'));
// do work

An input validation and and transformation library using a fluent interface to reduce the amount of code needed to perform validation. Read the documentation

// this could be from $_POST
$data = array(
  'name' => 'Greg Neustaetter',
	'email' => '',
	'website' => '',
	'favoriteNumber' => 'xyz',
	'date' => '11/11/2011'

// pass in the data to be validated
$v = new gUtils\InputValidator($data);

// validate each field
$v->field('email', 'Email Address')->required()->email();
$v->field('favoriteNumber', 'Your favorite number')->intRange(0,100)->toInt();
$v->field('date')->toDateTime('m/d/Y')->after(time()); // after the current time

if(!$v->allValid()) {
	echo '<pre>';
	print_r($v->getErrors()); // returns an array of errors indexed by field
	echo '<pre>';
$data = $v->getValues();  // returns an array of values indexed by field
$name = $v->get('name'); // get the value of name
echo $v->escape('name'); // escape the value of name for output with htmlspecialchars

A PHP 5.4+ trait which adds methods for firing and observing events to help decouple code and allow for event-driven programming.

Class Dog {
	use gUtils\ObservableTrait;
	public $name;

	public function __construct($name) {
		$this->name = $name;

	public function bark() {
		echo "woof woof\n";
		$this->fireEvent('barked', $this);

	public function rollOver() {
		echo '(' . $this->name . " rolls over)\n";
		$this->fireEvent('didTrick', $this, 'roll over');

$fido = new Dog('Fido');
$listeners = $fido->addListeners([
	'barked' => function($dog) {
		echo 'Shhh ' . $dog->name . "\n";
	'didTrick' => function($dog, $trickName){
		echo 'Good dog, ' . $dog->name . " - I love it when you {$trickName}\n";
$fido->bark(); // listener called
$fido->rollOver(); // listener called
$fido->bark(); // no listener called
$fido->bark(); // listener called
$fido->bark(); // no listener called
$fido->rollOver(); // listener called

##PasswordHelper A utility for creating and verifying bcrypt password hashes and for generating random/temporary passwords

use gUtils\PasswordHelper;

$pass = new PasswordHelper();
// Hash a password with bcrypt and a random salt before storing it in a database
$hash = $pass->generateHash('myP@ssword');
// Validate the password against the stored hash on a login attempt
if($pass->compareToHash('myWrongPassword', $hash)) {
  // password matches	
} else {
	// password doesn't match
// Generate a random password
$randomPassword = $pass->generateRandomPassword();
// Validate the complexity of a password
if($pass->checkPasswordComplexity($password)) {
	// password meets requirements	
} else {
	// password doesn't meet requirements

##RecursiveFileExtensionFilteredIterator Loops through a directory structure starting at a user-defined path and returns all of the files that match a user-provided list of extensions

use gUtils\RecursiveFileExtensionFilteredIterator;

$path = '/usr/local/apache2/htdocs';
$extensions = array('php','html');
$files = new RecursiveFileExtensionFilteredIterator($path, $extensions);

foreach($files as $file) {
  echo $file->getPathname() . "\n";

A container that holds a number of items and relative weights that allows you to get random items from the list with the chances of getting an item not random, but based on the weight of the item.

use gUtils\WeightedRandomSelector;

$colors = new WeightedRandomSelector(array(
  array('Blue', 2),
	array('Red', 7),
  array('Purple', 5)

echo $colors->get(); // 2/14 change of blue, 7/14 chance of red, 5/14 chance of purple
$manyColors = $colors->getMulti(100); // gets 100 colors in an array