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gngr version 0.3.11

@hrj hrj released this
· 191 commits to master since this release
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New contributors

Many thanks to our newest contributors: @atiqsayyed @bogas04 @apicellaj


  • Automated building from command line #6
  • Meta improvements: We now have a layout testing harness, powered by the W3C's CSS 2.1 test suite! We also have these tests running in Travi-CI. This has led to rapid progress in the layouting system.
  • gngr's Accept header now matches Firefox's. This required implementation of the deflate protocol. Benefit: more privacy. See #174 and #173
  • Usability
    • Closing Request Manager without changes doesn't cause a page refresh anymore #13
    • Open a quick search page when URL is ambiguous #165
    • Support for Mac Os keyboard commands #156
    • Ctrl-L now selects the content of the address bar #159
    • Ctrl-K keyboard shortcut for starting a search works now #158
  • Layouting
    • Support for Margin collapse (partial)
    • Don't set body text color: Fixes several CSS2.1 tests and ACID1 test now passes. #162
    • border style hidden should hide the border #190
    • position:fixed elements now stay fixed #133
    • Support for CSS properties instead of older attributes: vertical-align and width/height for table elements.
    • Implement position:relative for inline elements
    • compute x-height of font
    • Support for transparent keyword
    • infer background color when not specified
    • default value for border-*-width #14
    • added proper support for CSS length specified in inches
    • Many fixes related to high-resolution displays, pixel computations, etc.
    • image scaling is now anti-aliased #77


  • width="100px" doesn't work for img elements #167


  • Update dependencies to newer versions (okhttp, h2)

More release notes are being prepared.

See Issues closed in this miletsone.