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RubyAMF: Flash and Flex Remoting for Ruby on Rails

RubyAMF is an open source flash remoting gateway for Ruby on Rails.


$ ruby script/plugin install git://

Rails 3:

$ rails plugin install git://

Confirm correct installation and routing by browsing to:


You will see the rubyamf logo on a black background.


Please read the documentation in rubyamf_config.rb. That file gets installed to config/rubyamf_config.rb when you use the rails installer.

Parameter mappings

Here's how parameter mappings behave by default:

  • Every remoting parameter is available in the order it came - in the “params” hash. So if you sent over 2 parameters in your remoting call. You could access them like: params, and params.

  • You can toggle this behavior, RubyAMF has a property called “rubyamf_params”. This is useful if you don't want every parameter coming into the “params” hash. Set “ParameterMappings.always_add_to_params” to false. Once set to false - parameters by index will only be put into “rubyamf_params” and not “params”

Here's what happens when you go beyond that and setup some custom ParameterMappings:

  • When you setup ParameterMappings. They get put into the “params” hash, as well as the “rubyamf_params” hash for consistency.

How do I get data deeper in the object than just referencing the index it came in?

Because RubyAMF turns dynamic objects into hashes, you can use hash accessor like logic to get deeper into a parameter. Here's a quick EX:

ParameterMappings.register({:controller => :MyController, :action => :myaction, :params => {:myproperty => “[0]” }})

Supported types

RubyAMF Supports AMF0, AMF3, and RemoteObject

AMF Type conversions

Flash 2 RubyAMF:

undefined -> nil null -> nil false -> false true -> true Number -> Fixnum int -> Integer String -> String XML -> String (cast in your service) Array -> Array MixexArray? -> Hash Object -> Hash Custom Class -> Ruby Class RubyAMF 2 Flash:

nil -> null false -> false true -> true Numeric -> Number String -> String BeautifulSoup? -> XML REXML::Doc -> xml Array -> Array Hash -> Object Ruby Class -> Custom Class


RubyAMF Code Generators and Helper Scripts


RubyAMF currently has two generators

RubyAMF only scaffold generator Console printing ClassMapping? helper generator

Note: Currently the generators have not been upgraded to Rails 3 generators.


$ script/generate rubyamf_scaffold <model> <attributes>

will produce a model, fixtures, tests, and a RubyAMF specific controller with actions that work only with incoming :amf formats.

$ script/generate rubyamf_mappings

will print class mapping entries for each model in app/models and below to the command line. This is designed to help easily add new class mappings to the rubyamf_config.rb configuration file.


© aaron smith


Official RubyAMF Rails plugin repository




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