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  • Joined on Jan 27, 2012
  • waSSH

    The clean way to ssh'em all

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  • goscplib

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  • clison

    A simple command line JSON processor for humans

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  • gpXplode

    explode one or multiple gpx files into 1 gpx file/day

    Last updated

  • goalog

    like tail but without obvious features

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  • jquery-extablibur

    expand table columns on the client side

    Last updated

  • jquery-restify

    A plugin to restify your form with a damn simple form validation framework

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  • noUiSlider

    forked from leongersen/noUiSlider

    noUiSlider is a little jQuery plugin that turns an html object into a nice (range) slider. It can have two handles to select a range, a fixed minimum or maximum to select a limit, or just two handles to pick some points.

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  • feedback.js

    forked from niklasvh/feedback.js

    Feedback form with screenshot

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  • node-narrow

    forked from ybogdanov/node-narrow

    Library shrinks a given callback parallel execution concurrency in a limited number of threads, receiving the bunch of data (array of tasks).

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