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Bug fix release with a synchronization bug fix and file encoding fix.

  • Fix synchronization bug that may lead to data loss (issue #214)
  • Fix file encoding bug (issue #209)
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Patch release with a major synchronization bug fix and few UI improvements.

  • Fix synchronization bug that may lead to data loss (issue #188)
  • Fix cursor appearing in multiple files (issue #196)
  • Fix persistent cursor after an author left the paper (issue #195)
  • Cleanup error and wraning upon compilation (issue #201)
  • Improvements in the UI

A huge thanks to Thomas who did all the work on this release!

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Patch release mainly to fix a bug in the synchronization protocol on the server side, and improve the user experience on the client side.

  • Fix the guarantee delivery part in case of disconnection or high latency network (issue #188)
  • Hold the scroll position when several authors are editing a file concurrently (issue #185)
  • Restore cursor position when changing file (issue #181)
  • Fix script loading order to avoid display problems on slow networks (issue #189)
  • Reenable use of standard key binings in web browser (issue #171)
  • Fix PDF rendering on small displays (issue #182)
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Patch release to fix some really annoying bugs and a big regression.

  • Add button to cleanup compilation directory (issue #173)
  • Reload pdf file when compilation failed but produced a new pdf file (issue #168)
  • Fix regression bug in web client making it impossible to modify user settings (issue #175)
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New patch release with some bug fixes and user experience improvements.

  • Fix a regression in paper option (issue #156)
  • Make 'clone' and 'report issue' links configurable (issue #161)
  • Add an update script (issue #155)
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Mainly bug fixes in the web client, to make it more comfortable to use.

  • Improve messages (issues #138, #134)
  • Disallow ":" in username (issue #139)
  • Simplify the use of the web client (issue #135, #143, #146)
  • Fix other small but annoying bugs
  • Fix a lot of typo
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\BlueLaTeX is a platform allowing people to collaboratively edit documents in \LaTeX.

It consists in a server responsible for managing users, documents and real-time synchronization between co-authors of a document, and a web client giving access to all these features through a web browser.
The server exposes a Restful API making it possible to write clients in any technology of your choice.

More information and documentation can be found on the official website at:

To see the bugs that were fixed since last RC, go at

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This is the first version intended to become a stable version.
If no major problems are found on this version, it will become the official
stable release 1.0.0.

Improvement since last milestones are:

  • Adding more system compilers, so that following compilers are available by
    default (#94):
    • latex,
    • pdflatex,
    • xelatex,
    • lualatex.
  • Improve configuration management, making configuration customizations easier
    to write (#55).
  • Making compilation of a paper explicit (#112). No background compilation is
    started, but processes are triggered by authors explicitly.
    Background processes can be enabled in the configuration if this is really
    wanted, but the default behavior is the more intuitive explicit one.
  • The web UI was greatly improved by (#83):
    • Adding tooltips on all buttons.
    • Removing useless entries from menus.
    • Allowing people to delete their account.
    • Upgrading versions of AngularJS, Ace.
    • Improving completion in the editor.
    • Improving SyncTeX support.
    • A lot more small-yet-awesome improvements.
  • Several bugs were fixed, among which these were critical:
    • Content could get lost when the window was abruptly closed (#108).
    • Data leak was possible by including content from other papers (#119).
    • Synchronization protocol badly encoded data sent as json objects (#107).
  • Several other bugs were fixed.
  • This version is packaged as something that can be really installed,
    packaging and building of distribution was made much much easier, one more
    step toward a stable product (#49) that can be started as a real daemon (#100).

Instructions to download, install and configure it are available on the website.

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Second Milestone


This milestone focused on stabilizing the core features, code cleanups
and on preparing for the future.

The whole web client was improved by:

  • making it faster and smoother,
  • adding multi-cursors to indicates location of other authors,
  • making the web application available at the host root by default,
  • giving a user chosen name to a paper to identify it more easily,
  • many other small improvements.

From the technical point of view, the data model was improved to make it
as modular as the server is.

The role and permission model was also improved to allow for fine-grained authorizations.

Several bugs were fixed.

For a list of bugs and improvements that were reported, see:

To test it, please refer to the documentation on the official website

A quick way to start a test instance is to unpack the binary archive file, go to directory bluelatex-v1.0.0-M2 and type

> bin/blue-server-start

The web client will be available at http://localhost:18080/

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This version includes following features:

  • User management (subscription, unsubscription),
  • Paper management (creation, deletion, settings, paper listing),
  • Paper synchronization (legacy and new protocol are supported),
  • Paper compilation as background task,
  • Rewritten web client including:
    • Rendering with PDF.js,
    • ACE editor with syntax highlighting,
    • SyncTeX support.

To try this out, download the attached .tgz file, tune your configuration (notably the smtp server), go to the extracted directory and type:


Of course you will need a JVM (version 7 or later), and a running couchdb instance (version 1.2.0 or later) and a \LaTeX distribution on your system (texlive is just great for this).

go to http://localhost:8080/web/index.html and enjoy.

Of course this is a beta version, so it might still break sometime. Please do not hesitate to report any issue.

Thank you for trying \BlueLaTeX!