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ARMT (Another Remote Monitoring Tool) is another tool to assist server administrators in their fight to keep servers online.

This tool is still a work in progress so do not expect too much yet.

Currently monitoring of a remote server is performed via various scripts many of which perform simple repeatble tasks, such as checking for a running process or checking if a service such as HTTP is alive.

Other checks are not feasable or are a pain to perform as they require support of other tools such as a recent version of smartmontools, or other dependent libraries that may not be installed on the target machine.

ARMT aims to work around these issues by compiling to a static binary that contains all the required support tools embedded also as static binaries. So far ARMT is able to perform the following:

  • Get installed PCI devices
  • Get SMART status of block devices
  • Get CCISS RAID status of arrays
  • Get MD (Software) RAID status of arrays
  • Get a running process list and ports bound to processes
  • Connect to a HTTP(s) server
  • Create and compare a MD5 hash database of critical system files

To perform these tasks ARMT uses the following support libraries and executables

  • libpcre
  • polarssl
  • smartctl
  • cciss_vol_status
  • megactl (not used yet)
  • lsscsi (not used yet and may be removed)
  • zlib (not used yet)

To avoid shared linking ARMT also has it's own built-in DNS resolver that wraps gethostbyname as linking to gethostbyname causes a system dependency on the shared libc.