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[all] updated issue template and readme in preperation for B2
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### Required information
### Issues are for Bug Reports and Feature Requests Only!

Host CPU:
Host GPU:
Guest GPU:
Host Kernel version:
Host QEMU version:
If you are looking for help or support please use one of the following methods

Please describe what were you doing when the problem occured. If the Windows host application crashed please check for file named `looking-glass-host.dmp` and attach it to this bug report.
Create a New Topic on the Level1Tech's forum under the Looking Glass category:

**Reports that do not include this information will be ignored and closed**
Ask for help in #looking-glass in the VFIO discord server

*Issues that are not bug reports or feature requests will be closed & ignored*

### Errors that are not bugs

Some errors generated by the LG client are not bugs, but rather issues with your
system's configuration and/or timing. Please do not report these, but rather use
one of the above resources to ask for advice/help.

* `LGMP_ERR_QUEUE_UNSUBSCRIBED` - Failure to heed advice on things such as
using `isolcpus` and CPU pinning may result in this message, especially if you
are over-taxing your CPU.

* `Could not create an SDL window: *` - Failure to create a SDL window is not an
issue with Looking Glass but rather a more substantial issue with your system,
such as missing hardware support for the RGBA32 pixmap format, or missing
required OpenGL EGL features.

* `The host application is not compatible with this client` - The Looking Glass
Host application in Windows is the incorrect version and is not compatible,
you need to make sure you run matching versions of both the host and client

### Bug Report Required Information

The entire (not truncated) output from the client application (if applicable).
To obtain this run `looking-glass-client` in a terminal.


The entire (not truncated) log file from the host application (if applicable).
To obtain this locate the log file on your system, it will be in one of the
following two locations depending on how you are launching the Looking Glass Host

* C:\Windows\Temp\looking-glass.txt
* C:\Users\YOUR_USER\AppData\Local\Temp\looking-glass.txt

This log may be quite long, please delete the file first and then proceed to
launch the host and reproduce the issue so that the log only contains the
pertinent information.


If the client is unexpetedly exiting without a backtrace, please provide one via
gdb with the command `thread apply all bt`. If you are unsure how to do this
please watch the video below on how to perform a Debug build and generate this

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Expand Up @@ -4,6 +4,7 @@ An extremely low latency KVMFR (KVM FrameRelay) implementation for guests with
VGA PCI Passthrough.

* Project Website:
* Getting Started:

## Donations

Expand All @@ -23,18 +24,20 @@ support me directly using the following platforms.

This project contains submodules that must be checked out if building from the
git repository!
git repository! If you are not a developer and just want to compile Looking
Glass please download the source archive from the website instead:

Please also be sure to see the following files for more information
Note: The `` files are slowly being deprecated from this project in
favor of the wiki at, and as such the
information in these files may be dated.

* [client/](client/
* [host/](host/
* [module/](module/

## Obtaining and using Looking Glass

Please see

## Latest Version

If you would like to use the latest bleeding edge version of Looking Glass please
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