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Beta 1


Please be aware that this project consists of literally thousands of hours of my personal time, if you like what you see here it would be greatly appreciated if you would be so kind as to donate towards the cost in development using one of the following methods:


All downloads are now available at

Important changes to the host application

Please be aware that the host application now requires Administrator access and as such launching via the Run registry entry no longer works. To have the host application launch at startup you now need to setup a Scheduled Task in Windows. Documentation on how to perform this will be provided in the coming days on the Looking Glass website.


As of writing this, the LG website documentation is out of date and will be updated over the next few days, please be patient. In the meantime please see the various files in this project as they are currently the most up to date.

Known Issues & Workarounds (Please do not report these issues)

  • The host application doesn't show any information on a standard windows command prompt.
    • This is due to how windows handles terminals and will be fixed at a later time. In the meantime please use a posix compatible terminal such as GitBash if you wish to see CLI output from the host executable.
  • NvFBC doesn't work on GeForce cards
    • This is not a bug! You must have a Quadro or better as NVIDIA have decided that this feature is for "Pro" users only, write them and complain.
  • 4K is still slow
    • Some titles at 4K will still be slow due to hardware/driver limitations, there is nothing we can do about this, things that may help are:
      • Enable vsync in the title
      • Run in windowed mode
      • Use rivatuner statistics server (RTSS) to limit the frame rate
      • If you are using a Vega/Navi in Windows, set the card to "Performance" mode.

Changes of note since A12

  • Complete rewrite of the host application in C supporting cross platform compilation (Linux and Windows only currently)
  • Massive improvement to DXGI capture performance, using windowed mode in applications is no longer required and 4K resolutions are now possible if your hardware is up to the task.
  • If supported, HDR (ARGB10) capture is now supported and used when appropriate.
  • NvFBC support has been updated and is now included in the pre-built host executable (You still need a Quadro or better).
  • SPICE: full bi-directional clipboard support
  • NightVision/Brightness hotkey ScrLck+N (EGL only)
  • Disable input hotkey ScrLck+I
  • FullScreen hotkey ScrLck+F
  • Command line arguments and settings file parser has been rewritten
  • The host application now has an icon
  • The host application now has a tray icon and logs to a file
  • Mouse sensitivity hotkeys ScrLck+Ins/ScrLck+Del
  • Switch term hotkeys ScrLck+F1..F12 to send Ctrl+Alt+F1...F12
  • Client FPS limiter is now auto set based on your refresh rate for optimal performance.
  • Client debug back-trace support (this can be disabled, but if you have a crash no support can be rendered without this feature, or a full backtrace from GDB).
  • KVMFR module for VM->VM and Linux Guests now has a DKMS config.
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