@gnif gnif released this May 28, 2018 · 136 commits to master since this release

Assets 3

Alpha 11 Release

Changes of note since A10:

  • preventBuffer was altered to be more compatible. This may cause high CPU usage on NVidia cards due to poor driver implementation by NVidia. If you are affected turn off this feature with -o OpenGL:preventBuffer=0
  • a FPS limiter was added which defaults to 200FPS for those running without vsync.
  • New client option -K to specify the FPS limit
  • Unix socket support for spice was added, specify port 0 to use.
  • Added AMD Pinned Memory support for AMD cards, improves performance with later AMD cards.
  • Added kernel module (KVMFR) for inter-vm communications (Linux VM guest -> Windows VM guest), see README in the module directory for more information.
  • Fixed numerous cursor bugs
  • Decoupled cursor data stream from video stream, this helps (but doesn't solve) with performance and micro stutter issues.
  • Implemented memcpySSE in pure assembler to squeeze every possible bit of performance out of it.
  • OpenSSL has been replaced with nettle and hogweed due to GPL license incompatibility reasons.