@gnif gnif released this Dec 16, 2018 · 11 commits to master since this release

Assets 3

Code Cleanup:

  • [client] egl: move cursor code into a separate unit
  • [client] egl: move fps code into a separate unit
  • [client] egl: move desktop code into a separate unit


  • [host] Continual build integration
  • [client] add switch to disable alert messages
  • [client] Add OpenGL ES support (EGL)
  • [client] Add YUV420 support to EGL
  • [client] Add cursor rendering to EGL
  • [client] Move SDL text rendering into a separate ABI
  • [client] Update OpenGL renderer to use new font ABI
  • [client] move FPS calculations out of OpenGL
  • [client] Add FPS rendering to EGL
  • [client] Add text rendering to EGL
  • [client] Add splash rendering to EGL
  • [client] Add alert rendering to EGL
  • [client] Replicate mipmaping from OpenGL into EGL
  • [client] Make EGL the default renderer

Bugs fixed:

  • [client] don’t scale the mouse when in capture mode
  • [client] Add support for wayland
  • [host] Remove accidental usage of AVX instructions
  • [host] Fix random host re-initialization crash
  • [host] Fix rare cursor invisible bugs
  • [client] fix early pre-connect rendering


  • [client] Decouple host/client mouse sync
  • [host] Profile DXGI
  • [client] Schedule frame updates instead of using timeouts