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reverse proxy add forward module for Apache
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mod_rpaf - reverse proxy add forward


Sets REMOTE_ADDR, HTTPS, and HTTP_PORT to the values provided by an upstream proxy. Sets remoteip-proxy-ip-list field in r->notes table to list of proxy intermediaries.

Compile Debian/Ubuntu Package and Install

sudo apt-get install build-essential apache2-threaded-dev
make install   

Compile and Install for RedHat/CentOS

yum install httpd-devel
make install

Configuration Directives

RPAF_Enable             (On|Off)                - Enable reverse proxy add forward

RPAF_ProxyIPs    - What IPs & bitmasked subnets to adjust
                                                  requests for

RPAF_Header             X-Forwarded-For         - The header to use for the real IP 

RPAF_SetHostName        (On|Off)                - Update vhost name so ServerName &
                                                  ServerAlias work

RPAF_SetHTTPS           (On|Off)                - Set the HTTPS environment variable
                                                  to the header value contained in
                                                  X-HTTPS, or X-Forwarded-HTTPS. For
                                                  best results make sure that mod_ssl
                                                  is NOT enabled.

RPAF_SetPort            (On|Off)                - Set the server port to the header
                                                  value contained in X-Port, or
                                                  X-Forwarded-Port. (See Issue #12)

RPAF_ForbidIfNotProxy   (On|Off)                - Option to forbid request if not from
                                                  trusted RPAF_ProxyIPs; otherwise
                                                  cannot be done with Allow/Deny after
                                                  remote addr substitution

Example Configuration

LoadModule              rpaf_module modules/
RPAF_Enable             On
RPAF_SetHostName        On
RPAF_SetHTTPS           On
RPAF_SetPort            On
RPAF_ForbidIfNotProxy   Off


License and distribution

This software is licensed under the Apache License 2.0. The latest version is available from GitHub

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