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GPGPU box physics and deferred shading

demo render

WebGL demo written with my personal library hwoa-rang-gl

Uses deferred shading to render up to 100 000 shaded boxes that are influenced from up to 200 dynamic point lights. Animation of the boxes positions and velocities is all offloaded to the GPU using framebuffer ping-ponging.

Key features:

  • Renders all boxes in one draw call using geometry instancing
  • For deferred shading, uses WEBGL_draw_buffers extension if available to write positions, colors and normals data to different textures simultaneously in one framebuffer. If extension not available (mainly mobile hardware), fallbacks to rendering each texture to different framebuffer
  • Support for GPGPU animation by rendering to floating point textures via OES_texture_float. If not present, fallbacks to rendering to half floating point textures via OES_texture_half_float
  • Uses Vertex Array Objects OES_vertex_array_object to group bindings for easier manipulation

Alternative render

alternative demo render


git clone
cd gpgpu-hwoa-rang-gl

# install dependencies
npm install

# start development server & watch files
npm run start:dev

# start server & build files
npm run start