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commit + emoji = ❤️
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You know how sometimes you write commits and it has all these letters and words and no emoji? Yeah, commoji fixes that.

mais pourquoi?

  • why commoji, and not gitmoji? it's obvi cooler... b/c this 😠
  • why only commoji -m 'emojify me'... why no commoji without -m? b/c an emoji is worth 100 words (at least), so if you need more than the 50 character subject line limit, you're obviously doing something wrong.


  • git clone
  • cd commoji
  • npm install -g


commoji -m 'omg!! this commit message is soooo fire. bomb dot com.'

The commoji cli currently has 1 flag -m b/c ain't nobody got time to reach feature parity with git commit


  • minimum 3 emojis per commit message... 👼 🚢 🦄

This was made as part of an ⚡️emoji hackday⚡️ and is powered by emojilib, a magical json file of emoji names and keywords y'all should use in all your projects, and builds upon the work of notwaldorf.

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