Maven plugin to compile TypeScript sources
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Maven plugin to compile TypeScript sources. Plugin supports TypeScript at least version 2.1.4 and older.


  • Required Node.js to be installed with TypeScript module (npm i -g typescript)
  • Required PATH presence for tsc (check availability by typing tsc --version)
  • Required Java 1.6+

Usage example

  • targetDirectory - directory for compiled JS-files, required
  • sourceDirectory - directory with TS source files, required
  • module - module code generation, default value is amd
  • target - version of ECMAScript, default value is ES5
  • sources - files to compile, required
  • sourcemap - add TS-files and JS.MAP-files to targetDirectory, default value is false

Installing plugin

mvn install:install-file -Dfile=typescript-maven-plugin-0.5.1.jar

or build and install from sources:

mvn install

Additional information

  • Plugin has been tested on Windows (7, 10) and Linux (Ubuntu 15.04) platforms. Linux compatibility is available since 0.5.1.
  • Plugin is compatible with both major versions of TypeScript: it has been tested with TS 1.6.2 (and older) and TS 2.1.4.
  • Plugin supports only some subset of available compiler options but the most important subset. See Usage example section.