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Fantasy Football Drafting Program

jQuery and Dust.js driven frontend for mock drafting or Nathan's autodraft API. Picks the best available player based on estimated value over replacement player (VORP). Player demand is calculated using the number of starter slots (flex included) for a position plus the number of bench slots, all times the number of teams in the league.


npm install -g bower
npm install
bower install
brunch watch

To use

Scrape yourself some data, add an entry to configs.js and point a browser at deploy/index.html. Everything runs in your browser.

Code locations

Bot logic lives in src/

Scrapers to acquire data in the right format live in scrapers/

Configurations (drafts) are specified here

Python dependencies provided in requirements.txt, bower & npm in their respective json files

Chrome extension is in chrome/

Known problems

  • Overestimates demand for backup DST/K/TE (assumes same as WR/RB/QB when it's clearly not)
  • When drafting bench players, doesn't consider bench's current makeup (seems to draft lots of backup QBs)
  • Value based drafting is vulnerable to projection error...