Independent v1.5.3-UN build

@gnmmarechal gnmmarechal released this Nov 20, 2016 · 9 commits to master since this release

*This is an unofficial build of StarUpdater. This has been published by me and not @astronautlevel2. Again, this build is not supported/endorsed by the original developer. As this is the stable release, it should work fine. This build will not replace StarUpdater if you have it installed as a CIA.

The -UN build is independent from variables from Astronaut's server (except for stuff from the buildserver).

This build fetches latest version (of StarUpdater), and any updates from my own website (

So, since the last stable official release:

Since the last release:

  • 3DSX Self-Updater actually does its job properly
  • SU no longer relies on an index.lua file, instead fetching it from romfs (meaning a single 3DSX file)
  • Removed Dev mode support (as the builds are now one and the same)
  • Menuhax Luma installation/update will now also update the arm9loaderhax.bin (as required by 6.3+)
  • Now supports two Menuhax modes (to update the boot.3dsx or the /3ds/Luma3DS/Luma3DS.3dsx)
  • Fixed minor screw-up on my part