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Updater based on LPP-3DS for the Corbenik Custom Firmware
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#NOTE: This project is now discontinued. Head over to its replacement if you want Corbenik CFW Updater: RE!


Updater based on LPP-3DS for the Corbenik Custom Firmware

Based on EasyRPG 3DS Updater : RE by me.


  1. Download the CIA/3DSX Release from

  2. Install it using the appropriate method.

  3. If you want Corbenik Updater to update to the non-chainloading version of Corbenik, create a file named "nochain" under the directory "/corbenik-updater".

2.1) If you want Corbenik to be updated to the latest nightly build (by me), create a file named /corbenik-updater/usenightly .

2.2) If you want to hear a cool BGM while updating, place a file named /corbenik-updater/bgm.wav or download the BGM Edition of the updater, then create a file named /corbenik-updater/usebgm .

2.3) If you have Skeith, and want to update Skeith instead of Corbenik, make a file named /corbenik-updater/useskeith .

  1. If your Corbenik payload is not named "/arm9loaderhax.bin" or "/arm9loaderhax_si.bin", create a file named "/corbenik-updater.cfg" and write the path there. (ex. "/somefolder/thisiscorbenik.bin")

  2. If you want the updater to automatically update to the latest available version, create a file named "useupdate" under "/corbenik-updater".

  3. Run the updater. Select an option. A clean update deletes the configuration files. A dirty update keeps the configuration.

  4. Congrats, you've updated Corbenik!

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