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First release, based on https://github.com/gnmmarechal/corbenik-updater 0.4.2.

TO-DO: Make the script copy the required files (native, keys, etc.) from Corbenik if available.

Also, this project is hopefully a temporary fix, as updating to Skeith nightlies is an objective of the original updater.

Anyway, if you just want nightlies, I'll be compiling them myself as well, every day, so you can use that as well.

Skeith nightlies are the official nightlies by @chaoskagami .

Also, be warned - this takes a long time to update (just like Corbenik Updater, for the stable releases). This is because of the /skeith/locale folder, which has... a lot... of files. Like, a thousand of them.

Also, the Unique ID is 0xA542 .