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json to tar(5) conversion
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Lets Tar (and feather) JSON.

I've Been getting intimate with daemontools as of late. The part of djb's mental model that's left the greatest impression on me is the treatment of directories as key value stores.

Also, I'm working on a json validator that keeps it's test suite on in files, as portable things like bourne shell handle files well.

json_to_tar.c reads a JSON value (which must be an object) and spits out a tarball.

to_json.c traverses a directory and spits out a json object.

Files containing valid json are marked as such by wrapping them in arrays (i.e. arrays are used as literal markers). Other files are represented as strings.

With the json->tar transformation, GNU tar's --xform acts as a poor man's jquery.

json_to_tar < f2.js | gtar tvf --xform s,schema/(.*),\1/schema/ --show-transformed-names

You'll need yajl to use this.

Feedback welcome!

bye now.

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