Gnocchi storage plugin for collectd
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This is an output plugin for collectd that send metrics to Gnocchi. It will create a resource type named _collectd_ (by default) and a new resource for each of the host monitored.

Each host will have a list of metrics created dynamically using the following name convention:


In order for the metric to be created correctly, be sure that you have matching archive policies rules.


This is a regular Python package that you can install via PyPI using:

pip install collectd-gnocchi

Or from sources using:

pip install .

In order to use this plugin you will need a server running the Gnocchi 3.1 or greater.


Once installed, you need to enable it in your collectd.conf file this way:

.. include:: collectd-gnocchi.conf

You can also copy the provided collectd-gnocchi.conf from this repository in e.g. /etc/collectd.d if your distribution supports it.