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Gnocchi on Docker

This repository contains Dockerfiles and a docker-compose scenario that can be used to build an image of Gnocchi latest version and run a small cluster of it.

The compose instance is made of:

  • A container running Gnocchi
  • A container running PostgreSQL (indexer)
  • A container running Redis (storage)
  • A container running Grafana
  • A container running collectd

To run it simply type:

$ ./ # Build base images (only once)
$ docker-compose up

And it will start all those containers in the right order. Once started, you can point your browser at http://<ip of docker>:3000 to access Grafana. The default username is "admin" and password is "password".


To run master branches of Gnocchi, collectd-gnocchi, grafana-gnocchi-datasource, run:

$ source devel.env
$ ./ # Build base images (only once)
$ docker-compose build --no-cache --force-rm  # To force rebuild image from source
$ docker-compose up