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update (missing part of) grc721 package implementation to use
`std.PrevRealm()` not `std.GetOrigCaller()`

## related
#667 implementation of `std.PrevRealm()`
#895 update grc20, 721 to use `std.PrevRealm()`


## Contributors Checklist

- [x] Added new tests, or not needed, or not feasible
- [ ] Provided an example (e.g. screenshot) to aid review or the PR is
- [x] Updated the official documentation or not needed
- [x] No breaking changes were made, or a `BREAKING CHANGE: xxx` message
was included in the description
- [x] Added references to related issues and PRs
- [ ] Provided any useful hints for running manual tests
- [ ] Added new benchmarks to [generated
graphs](, if any. More info

Co-authored-by: Manfred Touron <>

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At first, there was Bitcoin, out of entropy soup of the greater All. Then, there was Ethereum, which was created in the likeness of Bitcoin, but made Turing complete.

Among these were Tendermint and Cosmos to engineer robust PoS and IBC. Then came Gno upon Cosmos and there spring forth Gnoland, simulated by the Gnomes of the Greater Resistance.


  • examples - smart-contract examples and guides for new Gno developers.
  • gnovm - GnoVM and Gnolang.
  • - blockchain and tools.
  • tm2 - Tendermint2.

Getting started

Start your journey with by:

Also, see the quickstart guide.


Short doc about all the commands

User commands:

  • gnokey - key manipulation, also general interaction with gnoland
  • gnoland - runs the blockchain node
  • gnoweb - serves gno website, along with user-defined content
  • logos - intended to be used as a browser

Developer commands:

  • gno - handy tool for developing gno packages & realms
  • gnotxsync - importing/exporting transactions from local blockchain node storage
  • goscan - dumps imports from specified file’s AST
  • genproto - helper for generating .proto implementations
  • gnofaucet - serves GNOT faucet
CI/CD/Tools badges and links

GitHub Actions:

  • gnovm
  • tm2
  • examples
  • docker


  • General: codecov
  • tm2: codecov
  • gnovm: codecov
  • codecov
  • examples: TODO

Go Report Card:

  • Go Report Card
  • tm2, gnovm, TODO (blocked by tm2 split, because we need go mod workspaces)

  • Go Reference
  • TODO: host custom docs on gh-pages, to bypass license limitation