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At first, there was Bitcoin, out of entropy soup of the greater All. Then, there was Ethereum, which was created in the likeness of Bitcoin, but made Turing complete.

Among these were Tendermint and Cosmos to engineer robust PoS and IBC. Then came Gno upon Cosmos and there spring forth Gnoland, simulated by the Gnomes of the Greater Resistance.

This README is a placeholder, check back again for updates This is NOT the same project or token as the excellent project.

Language Features

  • Like interpreted Go, but more ambitious.
  • Completely deterministic, for complete accountability.
  • Transactional persistence across data realms.
  • Designed for concurrent blockchain smart contracts systems.


Update Aug 26th, 2021: SDK/store,baseapp ported; Plan updated

Cosmos-SDK's store and baseapp modules have been ported. Now porting x/auth, for minimal auth usage. Plan updated with premine distribution for GNO adoption.

Update Aug 16th, 2021: basic file tests pass

Basic Go file tests now pass. Working on realm/ownership logic under tests/files/zrealm*.go.

Update Jul 22nd, 2021: create pkgs/crypto/keys/client as crypto wallet.

The new wallet will be used for signed communications.

_Update Jul ?, 2021: Public invited to contribute to Gnolang/files tests.

Update Feb 13th, 2021: Implemented Logos UI framework.

This is a still a work in a progress, though much of the structure of the interpreter and AST have taken place. Work is ongoing now to demonstrate the Realm concept before continuing to make the tests/files/*.go tests pass.

Make sure you have >=go1.15 installed, and then try this:

> git clone
> cd gno
> make test



If you can read this, the project is evolving (fast) every day. Check "" and @jaekwon frequently.

The best way to reach out right now is to create an issue on github, but this will change soon.

  • Telegram: (info on gnoland)
  • Telegram: (devs only -- invite only)