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At first, there was Bitcoin, out of entropy soup of the greater All. Then, there was Ethereum, which was created in the likeness of Bitcoin, but made Turing complete.

Among these were Tendermint and Cosmos to engineer robust PoS and IBC. Then came Gno upon Cosmos and there spring forth Gnoland, simulated by the Gnomes of the Greater Resistance.

Install gnokey

gnokey is a tool for managing accounts and interact with instances.

git clone
cd ./gno
make install_gnokey

Also, see the quickstart guide.

Install gnodev

gnodev is a tool for managing Gno source code.

See ./cmd/gnodev for instructions.

Language Features

  • Like interpreted Go, but more ambitious.
  • Completely deterministic, for complete accountability.
  • Transactional persistence across data realms.
  • Designed for concurrent blockchain smart contracts systems.