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BLSS: Bravo Live Streaming Service

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Media streaming server based on nginx-rtmp-module.


  • All features of nginx-rtmp-module are inherited, i.e., it is 100% compatible with nginx-rtmp-module.

  • HTTP-based FLV live streaming support.

  • Dynamic GOP cache for low latency.

  • Socket sharding feature for higer performance (MUST be linux kernel 2.6 or later).

  • Ability to separate different users at top of application block (rtmp service{} block).

  • Dynamic matching virtual hosts supported.

  • Provide ability for relaying by bkdr hash function (relay_stream hash option).

Systems supported

  • Linux (kernel 2.6 or later are recommended)/FreeBSD/MacOS/Windows (limited).



cd to NGINX source directory & run this:

./configure --add-module=/path/to/BLSS
make install

Get Started

  • Build BLSS module according to the section above.

  • Configure the nginx.conf file and start nginx.

  • Publish stream.

      ffmpeg -re -i live.flv -c copy -f flv rtmp://[:port]/appname/streamname
  • Play.

      ffplay rtmp://[:port]/appname/streamname # RTMP
      ffplay[:port]/appname/streamname  # HTTP based FLV


worker_processes 8;   # multi-worker process mode
relay_stream hash;    # stream relay mode

rtmp {
    server {
        listen 1935 reuseport;

        service cctv {
            hostname pub rtmp;      # match rtmp push domain
            hostname sub rtmp;     # match rtmp pull domain
            hostname sub http_flv;  # match http-flv pull domain

            application live {
                live on;
                gop_cache on;
                gop_cache_count 5;  # cache 5 GOPs

                hls on;
                hls_fragment 10s;
                hls_playlist_length 30s;