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nautilus - new design based on gnome 3 application design patterns

1 parent 60cae6e commit 592b0a9d1801530207fff2271613fbf89e95172a @allanday allanday committed Nov 28, 2011
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Looking good!

You guys probably have a reason for this, but what about having the close button a but more subtler? Something like this?


While we're at it... what's with the extra line at the bottom of this window? This line:


Btw, there is a typo in app-menu.png...
In the panel it says "About Documents". I believe it should say "About Nautilus"?

Where is the list view?

Also I think could remove "Home" to save space and just have the house icon, I think its pretty obvious.

Where is the list view?

In the app-menu.png mock-up there is a "View as List" option.

Pretty but not usable. Today you can easily get to any place of the Favorites with one click. In your layout will need to click and find item in the drop-down menu. It's hard.

Yet it is unclear how to change icon size or type of layout. If I want to see a table, I need to click on the icon on top? I think the logical chain is broken in this case.

And what about the buttons forward and backward? This is move up the hierarchy of folders, or work with the history of views? If you work with the history of views, it is inconvenient.

@ilyaskorik You need to keep in mind the whole Gnome Shell experience. Instead of opening Nautilus and go to Favourites, you would hit the Super Key and write the name of the favourite folder you want to open. It's a bit strange at first but you quickly get used to it.

@mrdoob But if you are already in nautilus and working on Files, there is a reason you have favorited certain directories... Its to access them quickly. For instance if I plugin my sdcard and want to do some move them to my Pictures folder that is favorited, I'm going to open nautilus and look through the pictures, and then move the ones I like into my favorite folder.

@sontek Ah, you mean that we lose the drag and drop stuff? Good point.

you would hit the Super Key and write the name of the favourite folder

Guys, I do not remember the names of these folders. Look at the Finder, look at Gnome2. There was a convenient panel that shows my favorites, usb and network drives. It's quick and easy! In one click!

You propose to make meaningful and serious action to which I was not ready as user.

Some offtop - it is better to make file open dialog, which depends on the program will display a different set of favorites. That a good idea, which I like.

@ilyaskorik I agree, I don't bookmark something so I can type it in. I bookmark it so I don't have to remember where it is. There is no point of making a favorite if you are just going to be forced to search for it.

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