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Global Menu centralizes the application's menu bar to one place.
Vala C Other
Latest commit dcf7964 @rainwoodman rainwoodman update to vala 0.11.
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applet update to vala 0.11.
autotools Git ignores
globalmenu-gnome-panel Update to vala 0.8.1
globalmenu-plugin update to vala 0.11.
legacy-support cleanup gitignores
libserver update to vala 0.11.
libsettings Disable all tests.
po Disable all tests.
schemas Fixed makefile for schemas installation
tests Git ignores
tools better standalone applet (like a dragable panel)
vapi sync vapi files with vala 0.8.1.
xfce Fixed makefiles
.gitignore cleanup gitignores
AUTHORS Merge 0.7-devel to trunk
COPYING License stuff
ChangeLog Refer to the webside for ChangeLog Disable all tests.
Makefile.config config.vapi was broken! extra #define should be removed.
Makefile.configmake Lots lots of changes during the APS meeting.
Makefile.gtest Rename Makefile.decl to Makefile.gtest.
Makefile.sanity Sanity check for installations of previous version.
NEWS Initialize the reposity
README Test git push on gnome git.
README.GNOME Some modification around READMEs
README.LEGACY Some modification around READMEs
README.XFCE Some modification around READMEs Restored intltoolize --force in Disable all tests.
gnome-globalmenu.1 Added the man page. Fixes issue 313.
gnome-globalmenu.doap Add the doap file required by gnome git.


This is the source code of Global Menu Project.

Please visit the project site for comprehensive information:

Also, refer to README.(arch) for specific information on each platform.

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