Updates for gnome 3.4 #4

merged 13 commits into from Oct 1, 2012


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two minor changes

rugginoso and others added some commits Sep 21, 2011
@rugginoso rugginoso Updated the extension to reflect api changes of gnome 3.1.91 - 3.1.92. 474f214
@rainwoodman rainwoodman Merge pull request #1 from rugginoso/gnome-3
Updated extension to reflect gnome shell api changes.
@rugginoso rugginoso Added "Close" menuitem for windows without menu.
Substituted the useless "Greet" menuitem by "Close" menuitem.
This is added only for windows without menu (like dialogs).
@rugginoso rugginoso Changed the shell version for gnome-shell extension. 2b37334
@rainwoodman rainwoodman Merge pull request #2 from rugginoso/gnome-3
Removed "Greet" menuitem and update gnome-shell version.
Yu Feng Merge branch 'gnome-3.0' into gnome-3 ec4889c
Yu Feng issue 670.
do not simulate the show() method if the menushell is a menubar.

note that show() method is important for submenu's because many programs
build the menus on the fly when the user clicks the menu.
Yu Feng Merge branch 'gnome-3.0' into gnome-3 176fe14
Yu Feng add missing module.c 34820bc
Yu Feng do not ignore module.c e4502d3
@freexploit freexploit Changes in manager.vala for problems compiling 1eeeede
@freexploit freexploit go back to IOError 9ba76e6
@freexploit freexploit update extension.js and metadata.json dffe1f7
@rainwoodman rainwoodman merged commit c43fd25 into gnome-globalmenu:gnome-3.0 Oct 1, 2012
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